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social media used to be so much more meaningful and personal. like, remember myspace? copying html codes to change your theme. choosing your profile song for your page. changing colors and fonts and and updating your mood status. the blinkies??? it was truly the time to be alive. we quite literally have the world at our fingertips yet we choose to spend all of our time on the same few absolutely garbage social sites.

after being off of instagram for a month in 2022, i can confidently say that that platform pretty much freaking sucks and what it's doing to us as a society could be detrimental. we are constantly being bombarded with ads and paid promotions. we follow these "influencers" that are constantly trying to sell us garbage. at times, we can be more worried about everyone else than ourselves. and don't even get me started on the freaking face filters. on a spiritual level, if you're not careful with these platforms they will steal your energy and eventually your soul. wow, that got dark. the current climate of our internet culture is basically "how can i be more liked and accepted?"

my question is... how the hell did we get here?

some of you may be wondering how was created with such immaculate gifs and glamour. maybe you're even wondering how to create your own personalized website like this.

well, my friend you're in the right place.

my website was created with, if you're lazy and/or a beginner coder this is a good website builder to start with. however there are so many other options to choose from. a quick google search will show you what's available.

below is a list of a bunch of sources that i personally used to create this page. click around and find some inspo.


chatango: group chat embed

123guestbook: guest book 

gifcities: early 2000's gif archive

imagecolorpicker: HEX color value picker

the smilies: OG emojis

88x31 gif collection: buttons

myblinkie: blinkie maker

hekate2: button maker

gigaglitters: glitter text generator

glitter graphics: glittery gifs & other stuff

dollzmania: custom dollz & archive

kawaiiface: kawaii keyboard faces

moon connection: moon phase embed

pimp-my-profile: if you know you know

pimpmaspace: cool graphics 

fillster: even more cool graphics

lenny face generator: text faces

here's some other sites i like:



kerwin frost


  Ephesians 6:12



  27 years old


  United States

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