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hi <3 it's me, Justiine, welcome to my virtual bedroom. please take your shoes off at the door.

you can learn more about me here, watch my videos here, and check out my music here! but definitely don't click here though. i heard that page is haunted.. stop by my photos page for exclusive pics of my face and life. you can find my resources and other totally not boring stuff on my links page.

thnkx for stopping by
﴾૦ઁ ͜ʖ૦ઁ﴿
       xo, j



♡︎ Jan. 2024 - OMG I had a baby!!! I have two kids now

♡︎ April 2024 - I want to revamp my site <333 it's going to be so cute :*

  Ephesians 6:12



  27 years old


  United States

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